Blackberry Herbal Shisha Molasses 1Pack/50g


Blackberry Flavour El Rosha Premium Herbal Shisha Molasses 50g

The El Rosha Premium Herbal Shisha Molasses range a tobacco-free, nicotine-free alternative that has been touted as a real rival to the premium tobacco molasses like Al Fakher and Nakhla.

A healthier alternative, El Rosha’s moist deeply aromatic herbal molasses is guaranteed free of Tobacco and Nicotine and developed to produce a rich smooth smoke bursting with natural juicy flavours. A premium product perfected using the finest ingredients and expertise in London and manufactured in Egypt to create an authentic Shisha smoking experience.

El Rosha Blackberry Flavour Herbal Shisha Molasses can be enjoyed in 25 sensual flavours, each pack contains a sealed packet of 50 grams.


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