1 Hose Vapor Glass Flare Hookah w/ Case


The 19″ Vapor Glass Flare Hookah is a great all glass hookah that is capable of up to 2 hoses. If you’re a modern type of smoker that craves a hookah with a more updated, edgy design then look no further than our fine selection of Vapor All Glass Hookah

Introducing the Flare Hookah, a traditional style hookah with a flare of color that brings out the intensity of the smoke. The Flare is a multi-joint, 100% glass hookah that offers 2 hose capability. The Flare Hookah has a cobalt blue down-stem with a diffuser at the bottom to promote more air circulation and giant clouds. The 2 hose ports match the color cobalt blue down-stem and foster multiple hose smoking sessions. The hose is made of pharmaceutical grade taste free silicone to keep a pure and smooth taste every time. At the end of the hose is a custom designed Symphony glass handle that is ridged to support grip and comfort. The Flare has a glass tray and vortex bowl, and is a breeze to clean. Vapor Hookahs uses scientific grade glass that is hand-blown and encourages the purest smoke possible. At the bottom of the base is an insert for Vapor’s LED rechargeable light base (sold separately) to light up the entire glass hookah. There are no rubber parts or grommets or non-permanent parts used in product construction. The Flare Glass Hookah is stored in a hard style carrying case that contains a key lock for security and privacy.

The Flare Glass Hookah can accommodate up to 2 Hoses. Optional vapor glass hookah accessory items are available and can be customized to meet most specific requirements.

-Height: 19″

-Hoses: 1

-All Glass Design

-Includes premium glass vortex type bowl, glass handle silicone hose

-Capable of up to 2 hoses

-LED Light capable (not included)

Weight 6.8 kg



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